5 Open source javascript games

JavaScript has been one of the most famous web client side languages for years. It’s usually used for adding effect and animations to websites’ interfaces but it can do more and even games. Today we have 5 open-source games that are posted in public repositories by their developers on GitHub.

javascript games


Tetris is a tile-matching puzzle video game. It’s almost 32 years old and has been played by different generations over years and had developed in a lot of languages for several gaming platforms. This JavaScript has menu, animation and FX, levels, high scores, touch support, music and sound FX.

Source Link: https://github.com/jakesgordon/javascript-tetris

Demo Link: http://codeincomplete.com/projects/tetris/


The first video game ever developed in the history of video games. Here is a JavaScript version of it.

Source Link: https://github.com/jakesgordon/javascript-pong

Demo Link: https://github.com/jakesgordon/javascript-pong


Of course, one of the mostly known games ever. You can download the javaScripted version of it from below.

Source Link: https://github.com/patorjk/JavaScript-Snake

Demo Link: http://patorjk.com/games/snake/

JavaScript Gauntlet

An HTML5 canvas game with dungeon style. It has nice gameplay and simple graphics.

Source Link: https://github.com/jakesgordon/javascript-gauntlet

Demo Link: http://codeincomplete.com/projects/gauntlet/index.html

3d Racer

Actually, it’s not a 3D game but its developer preferred to call it like that. It’s an arcade game that matches the style of the 80s and early 90s racing games.

Source Link: https://github.com/jakesgordon/javascript-racer

Demo Link: http://codeincomplete.com/projects/racer/v4.final.html

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