IDE support for Yii


Yii plugin for NetBeans

Yii plugin adds useful enhancements to NetBeans IDE including the following:

  • Code completion in views (including variables passed to view and $this).
  • Go To Action, Go To View.
  • Go to view via clicking on render or renderPartial argument.
  • Go to file via clicking on path alias (Yii::import, widget, beginWidget, createWidget, beginCache).
  • New project wizard.

Currently plugin can be downloaded and installed manually from plugin page and soon will be available right from IDE settings.

If you have issues or feature requests please use github issue tracker for reports.


YiiStorm for PhpStorm

PhpStorm is one of the most popular and powerful PHP IDE that is used by several of our core Yii team members. The latest Yii support adds a special tool window for Yii-based projects and displays the MVC structure of the projects

Features are:

  • Going from render and renderPartial to the view file. Includes controllers, partials and widgets. Supports all ways of specifying a view: themes, smarty .tpl views and external actions.
  • Going from model name in relations() to the model class.
  • Going from the $this->widget('path.to.widget.Class') call to the widget class.
  • Going from controller actions() to action class.

You can install the plugin either directly from PhpStorm IDE settings or from mazx.ru.

If you have issues, feature requests or want to help developing it the project itself is at github.


Yii support for Eclipse PDT

Eclipse PDT got Yii support. It’s implemented by Yii community member KEo. Features implemented are new Yii project wizard and views navigation (Controller → View, Controller → Layout, ListView → itemView, view → view partial, component → component’s view). Additionally to what PDT already have these features will help you to speed up development even more.

If you’re using Eclipse PDT give it a try. Bug reports and feedback are very welcome.


CodeLobster added support for Yii

CodeLobster today announced their latest version 3.8 which includes a plugin for supporting the Yii framework.

CodeLobster is a PHP IDE with numerous features while still running fast compared to other IDE’s. The latest Yii plugin supports features such as path aliases and behaviors autocomplete, easy navigation between controllers and views, contextual Yii API help.


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