AngularJS ng-Repeat array to rows and columns

How I might be able to use ng-repeat to create a grid like box of options. I would like to take an array repeat nth number of items and then move to the next row or column until all items.

The most reliable and technically correct approach is to transform the data in the controller.

Let’s go for a complete explanation :

  • By default AngularJS http get query returns an object
  • So if you want to use angular.fromJson() function you have first to transform object into an array.
  • And then to use the matrix function IN YOUR CONTROLLER.

Here’s a simple matrix function and usage.

  • @ Params: (list, n)
    • Where list is any array and n is an arbitrary number of columns desired per row
  • @ Return: A matrix
  • @ Note: This function is designed to orient a matrix based upon an arbitrary number of columns with variance in its number of rows. In other words, x = desired-columns, y = n.


Then your view would look like this:

Result: Ng-Repeat array to n rows and 2 columns

Ng-Repeat array to rows and columns



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