Display Browser Notifications from Web Application

Browser desktop notification system, using this you can push notifications for event reminders, message information like whatsapp to desktop users in realtime from your web project. Very few line of JavaScript code, that can help you to interact with browser notification system.


Desktop Notification

Desktop Notification

Start Browser Notification
This code will initialize the browser notification system, read more about Vanilla JS(Plain JavaScript)

Push Notification
This function will help you to push notification data, here you have to modify icon URL. You can pass title, description and URL values.

Firefox mozilla notification documentation

Demo Array

Contains javascipt code. $(“#notificationButton”).click(function(){}- notificationButton is the ID name of input button.

Vanilla JS
Plain JavaScript

Contains simple JavaScript code, calls after 2 minutes. Here you can modify milliseconds values.





Prakash S

Prakash S

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