Yii2 – Custom ActionColumn

ActionColumn is a column for the yii\grid\GridView widget that displays buttons for viewing and manipulating the items.

To add an ActionColumn to the gridview, add it to the columns configuration as follows: The function parameter should be like this ‘function ($model, $key, $index, $column){}’ and it will return the array with different type of attribute for cells like class, style, data-key, etc

Initializes the default button rendering callback for single button.
@param string $name Button name as it’s written in template
@param string $iconName The part of Bootstrap glyphicon class that makes it unique
@param array $additionalOptions Array of additional options
@since 2.0.11

Custom entire project in ActionColumn: In vendor\yiisoft\yii2\grid\ActionColumn.php file




Custom Button Style & Icons:



Hide Actions in Action Column of a Single Row

Hide Actions in Action Column


 Add the new button in gridview action template and configure the url, text, title etc.

Add Actions in Action Column


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