Apester Javascript SDK

The Apester Interactive Content Platform allows anyone to easily and freely create, embed and share interactive, and related content items (polls, trivia, etc.) into posts and articles, in a matter of seconds. Apester’s plugin enables you to easily add interactive engagements to your content within your WordPress or Drupal site. Apester’s makes it easy to embed on the HTML site also.

Apester - SDK


Apster SDK Script, Apester SDK script is designed to add support for Apester interaction tags in web pages.

We’ve made the SDK script as lean as possible, the flow is very simple: We test if a media should be displayed, if it doesn’t, we don’t create anything. If it does we create a loader and behind the scenes load your media content. When the content is ready we remove the loader and send page metadata to our servers in order to supply AWESOME content recommendation for users who interact with your media.

What will you be getting from using the SDK?

  • Define new html tag
  • More stable, scaleable and faster experience.
  • Dynamic embed features and embed­resize.
  • New build for the content recommendation engine ­ fast, smarter and based on user sentiment.
  • Monetization ventures available only with SDK.



Include the JS SDK on your page once before the </head> tag. The SDK script needs to be loaded on each and every page, if you are generating your site content dynamicaly (using Angular’s ng-view for example) contact our support for a tailor made solution [email protected] and open a issue on github

	<title>My Site Title</title>
<script type="text/javascript" src="//static.apester.com/js/sdk/v2.0/apester-javascript-sdk.min.js" async></script>
	<!-- Put your embedded interaction tag  -->
	<interaction id="1234"></interaction>
  • The presence of the async attribute will load Apester Javascript SDK asynchronously with the rest of the page. (the script will be executed while the page continues the parsing)
  • If you prefer to load the script once the page has finished parsing you can replace the async attribute by the defer attribute. Note that however Apester unit will take more time to load.

More information and list of browser support in the W3C website.

Using Bower

To install the latest from master branch

bower install --save apester-javascript-sdk

Or by using a specific branch

bower install --save apester-javascript-sdk#branch_name

And also with specific version tag

bower install --save apester-javascript-sdk#2.0.0

Compile from sources

npm install


To embed an item in your article, use the following code:

Media Type HTML to embed unit #
Regular <interaction id="#"></interaction> interaction id
Playlist <interaction data-token="#"></interaction> publisher token
Contextual-Playlist <interaction data-token="#" context='true' ></interaction> publisher token



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