Who am I?

Prakash S

I would like to introduce myself as a Software professional opting for the career in software industry. I’m Prakash S, a MCA graduate and trained as industry level practice for Software technology. I am a professional web developer with over 5+ years of experience. I specialize in working closely with PHP but now days exploring more in HTML5, CSS, AngularJS and jQuery libraries to help lead the development of websites and web applications.

What can I do?

What can I do? I don’t like to focus on the technologies I know or the things I have done. I prefer to focus on the problems that clients (and potential clients) have and then figure out the solutions to those problems. Technologies change so rapidly it’s not about what you know it’s about how fast you can learn something new and then implement that knowledge. Good developers know specific technology stacks and languages, great developers know how to learn technologies quickly so they can solve problems.

The expertise I offer:

  • Website and web application development
  • Hybrid App and Mobile optimized application
  • E-Commerce and Content management system
  • Social media integration
  • Client side and server side coding and development
  • Application planning, architecture, and development
  • Integration with API’s and existing back end systems

I guess that makes me a “full stack” web developer.

The technology I use:

  • Frontend: Flex, HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Action Script
  • Mobile: AnjularJS with Ionic Framework
  • Backend: PHP
  • Databases: MySQL, MySQLi and PDO
  • Frameworks: Yii, Yii2 and Cairngorm
  • E-Commerce: OpenCart
  • CMS: WordPress and Core PHP
  • Payment gateways: HDFC, Atom, PayU, CCAvenue and Razorpay.

What have I done?

My career started developing Flex application developer for large multinational corporations. Since 2014 I have been focused on developing web based applications and websites for many well known brands across India & UK. I have developed solutions for large multinational companies and start-ups, I prefer focus on the problems that clients have and then figure out the solutions to those problems.

Visit the Projects page to learn more about some of the work I have done.